Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Not the first time...

As Guillaume - also known as Pecanio - told you, we traveled a bit in Europe together before thinking about going to New Zealand together. Over the last 4 years, we did some good skiing in Italy, tried hundreds of beers in Belgium (as well on the Place du Luxembourg as in the Thalys fast train), got lost in Brussels at night, had some really cool parties in our friends' flats (thanks Henri & Loïc) in Paris, drunk a bottle of south african red wine on a bench along a gracht in Amsterdam, spent a funny week in Arnhem (Netherlands)... We even drunk some pastis on a remote beach somewhere in Wales, near Bridgend, as you can see on this picture... In other words, going away together is not a brand new experience as far as we are concerned. Sure, this time, it's totally different as we're going for a long period - a full year. Let's see where this new adventure will drive us...

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