Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jey's reasons for leaving

Piha Beach, NZ Posted by Picasa

Maybe I should write in english, so that everybody could understand what we're going to say through this blog...
You know, Guillaume & I have already some overseas friends that could appreciate to read what's going to happen for us... I just hope our french friends and our family will be able to understand everything ! We're not great english writers nor english speakers (i mean, not yet !), but we'll try to do our best to make this blog easier to read.
So... how to start ? First, why are we going away ? And why did we choose to go to the other side of the world ?
I don't have Guillaume's answer, but for me it's quite simple... I simply love New Zealand ! I've already been there in 2004 (I stayed 8 months overall, based in auckland, that's why I was able to post a picture from Piha Beach, just above...), and I just realized that this side of the world was the best for me...
Actually I didn't realize, but I felt. Now, I need a confirmation ! As I've just finished my studies in France, I thought it was time for me, now, to leave. For a year ? Forever ? Future will say !



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