Wednesday, January 18, 2006

guillaume's reasons for leaving

you're right Jey, it's better and more simple for everybody to write in english, even if my english is really not good, but you told it very well Jey, Not Yet! pour ceux qui ont peur la, bin vous inquietez pas je vais pas tout ecrire en si je voulez j'ai pas le niveau!
so why i wanna go to New Zealand...actually, i finished my studies too, i really don't like the way we take (i mean, society, you know...) i just love nature, i like meet people and having fun, i love travelling and with Jey, we already have some trip in Europe i wanna see the world...why New Zealand, because it's in my mind since the age of 15, why? don't know why... i just know i wanna improve my english, and that i will touch the ground of New Zealand during the night of the 14th of February.... see this part of the world and tell you how what it is........

pecanio ;)


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